Hello, my name is Jun-Ho Choi. I am currently a graduate student at Yonsei University, Korea. I am working on Ph.D course in MCML Group, School of Integrated Technology, Yonsei University. I am interested in multimedia processing and its applications, so most involved researches are related to these topics.


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2018. 01. Best Poster Paper Award at BESK Symposium 2018

2015. 11. Excellence prize (우수상) at the 1st C (Convergence) Make-A-Thon - Momento

2013. 12. 미래인재상 도전상 at the 1st Samsung Tomorrow Solutions, young people group (청년부) - Prism X

2010. 09. Grand prize (대상) at the 27th Korea Olympiad in Informatics, high school contest group (공모부문 고등부) - Paddybird

2009. 09. Silver prize (은상) at the 26th Korea Olympiad in Informatics, high school contest group (공모부문 고등부) - TaskManager for Students

2008. 11. Silver prize (은상) at the 25th Korea Olympiad in Informatics, high school contest group (공모부문 고등부) - SetSeat 2


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